New York State Tax Professional Newsletter 12/09/20

Happy holidays!

With the end of the year—and the holidays—just around the corner, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great work you do on behalf of the taxpayers of New York State, especially during this unprecedented time.

We also encourage you and your clients to protect personal information during the busy holiday season. Visit Report fraud, scams, and identity theft for resources to safeguard sensitive data while shopping online or donating to charities.

Withholding tax filing reminder

The fourth-quarter wage reporting return (NYS-45) is due January 31, 2021. Remember, do not report cumulative wage totals for the year in Part C on your or your client’s return.

The fourth-quarter amounts you or your client report are only applicable to the amounts paid and withheld in the fourth quarter (October 1–December 31).

  • If you or your clients Web File, report these amounts in the Gross wages or distribution and Total tax withheld fields.
  • If you or your clients use Wage Reporting Upload, report these amounts in the Gross federal wages or distribution subject to withholding and Total NYS, NYC & Yonkers tax withheld fields.

Visit Withholding tax filing methods to learn about all the ways you can file.

Paper carryout bag reduction fee

Albany County began imposing the five-cent paper carryout bag reduction fee on December 1, 2020. Sales tax vendors that sell tangible personal property in this locality must collect the fee when they provide a paper carryout bag to a customer.

For retailers in the locality that opted in, the paper carryout bag reduction fee:

  • is not included in any amount that is subject to sales tax;
  • must be collected in addition to any sales tax due on the transaction; and
  • must be separately stated on the receipt provided to the customer and include the number of bags provided.

For more information about the fee and how to pay it, visit Paper carryout bag reduction fee.

How to avoid common errors when filing a partnership return

A new webpage, Avoiding common partnership return filing errors, is available on the New York State Tax Department’s website to provide guidance on how to avoid common errors made when filing a partnership return.

Tax Preparer Registration application

The 2021 Tax Preparer Registration application is now available. You can register using your Individual Online Services account. If you have not completed the 2021 Registration Education Requirements, you’ll need to complete it before you can register for 2021.

Visit Tax preparer registration and Continuing education requirements for tax return preparers for more information.

ABT Web File demos

Web File is coming for ABT filers in January 2021. If you’re a New York State registered distributor, beginning January 2021, you’ll be able to file your ABT return through your Tax Department Business Online Services account.

For a preview of the application, watch our new ABT Web File demos:

Electronic filing deadline for income tax returns

Electronic filing for partnership and fiduciary income tax will close December 26, 2020; you will not be able to submit e-filed income tax returns until the new filing season opens in 2021. We anticipate the season will open in late January.

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